#PlayLust | Playlist

So, this post is basically about songs that i recommend whenever i’m feeling down or just stressed out because of the things i’ve gone through everyday, which is a bunch of home works or even major projects and stuff. So, hope you can try out my recommendations :

▶︎ Hyowon – Midnight Sun

▶︎ J.Lu ft. Summer soul  – Off to

▶︎ J.Lu ft. Rosy – Erica

▶︎ Miso – Take me

▶︎ Adib sin & Cae – From here




Writer’s notice

Hey guys! Miss me? Hahahha, but btw, i’m sorry if i haven’t been on this blog for a really really long time. I was a little busy back then, and to be precise, busy catching up with life. So how are you? hehe, i’m good if you ask, I’m actually feeling well today.

I kinda miss writing on this blog cause i’ve been, you know, doing all the important stuff in my life and haven’t really got the chance to come back to writing.


Hopefully all of you can enjoy some new things in this blog =)

Oh yeah, btw, now i’m in senior high school and if i remember it correctly, it was back to elementary school since i last write on this blog?

Haha, anyways, if you want to see more of me, not only in this blog, you can see the information down below hehe =)

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