Hi ! My name is Shabrina Annisa Wahdah ! But people used to call me SEBY. I don’t know why tho =D sooo I’m from Indonesia, and I’m a hijabers as people call for those who wear hijab. I live in Jakarta or more precisely, South Jakarta. In my blog i’ll be talking about my daily activities, stories or fanfics that i made, news for my youtube channel that ill be working on maybe like a few weeks ? but if i didn’t update for a while its because I’m in 9th grade or as you call it I’m in middle school ? whatever you guys wanna call it =) oh yeah, i wanna ask you guys if my posts should contain Indonesian languages or not ? leave a comment for any suggestions =)  !

Social Media Information

  • Instagram : @shabrina_gn
  • : seby_jelsaGN
  • Youtube channel : Shabrina Annisa
  • Twitter : @ShabrinaTweets_
  • Pinterest : Shabrina Annisa
  • Snapchat : shabrinagn

p.s. I haven’t done anything with the youtube channel cause I’m still on editing and managing school but i’ll post something as soon as possible =D -Seby