#PlayLust | Playlist

So, this post is basically about songs that i recommend whenever i’m feeling down or just stressed out because of the things i’ve gone through everyday, which is a bunch of home works or even major projects and stuff. So, hope you can try out my recommendations :

▶︎ Hyowon – Midnight Sun

▶︎ J.Lu ft. Summer soul  – Off to

▶︎ J.Lu ft. Rosy – Erica

▶︎ Miso – Take me

▶︎ Adib sin & Cae – From here



Writer’s notice

Hey guys! Miss me? Hahahha, but btw, i’m sorry if i haven’t been on this blog for a really really long time. I was a little busy back then, and to be precise, busy catching up with life. So how are you? hehe, i’m good if you ask, I’m actually feeling well today.

I kinda miss writing on this blog cause i’ve been, you know, doing all the important stuff in my life and haven’t really got the chance to come back to writing.


Hopefully all of you can enjoy some new things in this blog =)

Oh yeah, btw, now i’m in senior high school and if i remember it correctly, it was back to elementary school since i last write on this blog?

Haha, anyways, if you want to see more of me, not only in this blog, you can see the information down below hehe =)

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( My Old account on twitter is deleted so this is the new one hehe ;D )


Why is the title named “story update” you may ask ? well, its because i’ve been highly requested to write stories in my blog because they’ve been reading my fan fiction and they thought it was good, so they requested me to write stories/fanfiction here in my blog, And actually thats a pretty good idea. And for this new series of stories that will be coming up in my blog, i decided to take ideas from readers and viewers of my youtube, blog, and all of my social medias including ask.fm. So if your ideas for a story want to be published by me in my blog comment in my youtube channel or dm me in my social media and i’ll be sure to check them out and post it here. I think thats all for the update then.. I’ll see you guys in the next post !

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Youtube Update

Hey guys ! phew, its been a while isn’t it ? well guess what ? I’m back with updates in Youtube which is what highly requested for a long time. I just got back from tests and stuff but in my channel there is already 2 videos uploaded and more will come as the time flies by. but just for a sneakpeek, this week i will be uploading new videos.

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Hi ! My name is Shabrina Annisa Wahdah ! But people used to call me SEBY. I don’t know why tho =D sooo I’m from Indonesia, and I’m a hijabers as people call for those who wear hijab. I live in Jakarta or more precisely, South Jakarta. In my blog i’ll be talking about my daily activities, stories or fanfics that i made, news for my youtube channel that ill be working on maybe like a few weeks ? but if i didn’t update for a while its because I’m in 9th grade or as you call it I’m in middle school ? whatever you guys wanna call it =) oh yeah, i wanna ask you guys if my posts should contain Indonesian languages or not ? leave a comment for any suggestions =)  !

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p.s. I haven’t done anything with the youtube channel cause I’m still on editing and managing school but i’ll post something as soon as possible =D -Seby